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Available Programmes at Hallmark University

1. Faculty of Management and Social Sciences


Accounting and Finance

B. Sc. Accounting

B. Sc. Banking and Finance

Business Administration

B. Sc. Business Administration

B. Sc. Marketing


B. Sc. Economics

Mass Communication

B. Sc. Mass Communication


B. Sc. Sociology

International Relations

B. Sc International Relations

2. Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences


Biological Sciences

B. Sc. Botany

B. Sc. Zoology

B. Sc. Biochemistry

B. Sc. Microbiology

Chemical Sciences

B. Sc. Chemistry

B. Sc. Industrial Chemistry

Mathematical Sciences

B. Sc. Mathematics

B.Sc. Computer Science

B. Sc. Information and Communication Technology

Physics and Energy

B. Sc. Physics

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Mode of Application


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